Mobile flow

To enable collabora editor into a client there are a few things that need to be care off.

1. Check for support

Check the capabilities API


If this contains a richdocument section then mobile editing is supported. There is a list of mimetypes that can be edited with collabora supplied.

2. Open a file with a fileid

This happens via the OCS api described here This returns an URL that you have to open in a full screen webview. Be sure to have javascript enabled.

3. Interacting with the document

The richdocuments app looks for a javscript handler that the client can register. This is: RichDocumentsMobileInterface

It expects the following functions:


This closed the webview.


open a filepicker to select a file from your nextcloud. The file has to be submitted to the asset api.

Then the client has to call the function (on the webui): OCA.RichDocuments.documentsMain.postAsset(filename, url)

This will make sure the assets is added to the document.


opens the share sidebar or dialog for the current file


This method is called once the Collabora has loaded and can take over the loading screen


This is triggered to enable integrating applications passing though the clipboard content properly


Notifies the integrating application that the current file has been renamed.


Hands over the link to download a file to the integrating application