Often users will use the same templates. This documents describes the flow and APIs that will eventually come into place.

Template location

There are two kind of templates:

  1. system wide templates
  2. user defined templates

Both should be simple template files and preview for them should be obtained using the preview API. The richdocuments works as a preview provider so it should provide proper previews to use.

System wide templates

An admin can configure system wide templates. This can be done from the admin settings.

These templates are stored in the AppData.

Note: it might require some less pretty code to get the previews out of the appdata. But since it will also work on 13 we have no real alternative.

There are a few special templates that are shipped with the app. The empty files. They should always be available.

User defined templates

In the Collabora user settings the user can select a folder from where to load templates. This can be any folder the user has access to. So users can share template folders among each other.

Replacing empty templates

Empty template files can be replaced the existing files in appdata_[instanceid]/richdocuments/empty_templates/. The files can be reverted to the templates shipped with the release by running the occ richdocuments:update-empty-templates command.